Czech Jazz WorkShop Prague 2023

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Fill in your application and send it online. In case of uncertainties contact us at

You can find detailed time schedule in the program section.

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Vocal class: 85 €

You can also join our instrumental or vocal classes. To do so, please, choose your instrument in the previous part of the registration form first.

* Combos:
We offer two choices for accommodation in the school area - please, select your choice:

Accommodation upon request. Accommodation in university dormitory. In both options bathroom and kitchenette are shared within each double-room cell.

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If we recieve payment till you can apply discount of
* Discount doesn't apply on accommodation.
** Discounts can not be combined. In case you wish to apply any voucher, please, contact us.

Total price after discount:

Your registration is not valid until the fee is credited to the account of the organizers.

Terms and Conditions:

We ask the participants to bring their own musical instruments and other equipment, such as microphones, cables and combos. CJW does not guarantee for all participants sufficient and appropriate instrumental and technical equipment. The Organizers of CJW are not responsible for any damage on belongings or the health of participants. The fee is refundable according to the following key: Withdrawal 90 days before the start of the CJW 80% refund, 60 days before the start of the CJW 50%, 30 days before the start of the CJW 20%; 7 days or less no refund for the course, eventually for the accommodation. The participant is entitled to a refund in case of force majeure.

By agreeing to the Terms participant grants voluntary consent to the collection and processing of personal data in accordance with the Law on Personal Data Protection.

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